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If China doesn’t radically reduce the amount of coal it burns within the next decade, nothing anyone does to stabilize the climate will matter. Our special report on the world’s biggest polluter and the frustrating and hopeful struggle to find a new way forward.

My camera is often a passport to some of the finest locations and occasions on the planet. This morning’s e-ticket was some pre-dawn #sunvalley majesty.

New member of the arsenal. ‘65 Argus model 812 Super Eight. Designed in Chicago, manufactured in Japan. Classic design, feels super solid in the hand. Now where to find film… #argus #supereight #super8

Fun times at the Yuba river this weekend.

Tom Tomkinson - September 14, 2014 at 12:20PM

Anyone know if super-8 film cartridges are still made?

Love is the coal that makes this train roll.

Overlook: A New Woodcut Print from Tugboat Printshop
Christopher Jobson,

After two years of preparation and meticulous carving, “Overlook” is an upcoming woodcut print from the minds and hands of Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth of Pittsburgh-based Tugboat Printshop (previously). The duo make some of the most stunning limi…

By the Silent Line: Photographer Pierre Folk Spent Years Documenting a Vanishing 160-Year-Old Parisian Railway

The Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture (French for “little belt railway”) was a 32 km railway that encirled Paris, connecting all the major railway stations within fortified walls during the Industrial …

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#hurricanemarrie rolls into #cdm 1st #hyperlapse , don’t bust balls. (at Corona del Mar State Beach)

Jagwar Ma

#Repost from @bonnaroo —- “Wise words from a man covered in glitter at Roo, ‘don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life, you do what YOU want” - @Ecko_Daph #tbt #backtoroo (Photo: @tomtomkinson)

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